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Cashmere / wool suits 300
Silk / wool suits 325
Wool Suits 250
Delivered, all taxes paid

Guaranteed to fit
Any adjustments paid for
Full refund if unhappy

We offer a range of quality fabrics which have been carefully selected to provide a depth to your tailored suit.  The conservative fabrics used in our fitted suits have subtle patterns, threads and weaves which provide structure and depth – if you are going to the trouble of getting a bespoke suit you may as well not get it made from a fabric which is flat, drab and uninteresting.        Go to CREATE YOUR SUIT > 1. FABRICS to view the range.  For styling, in 2. STYLES you may select ‘USE CLASSIC’ or build your own personalised style.  We are so confident you will like our custom made suits we offer a full refund on them.